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Llewellyn Myburgh

Joining the British Army, Corporal Llewellyn Myburgh was fit, healthy and involved in a high level of numerous sports such as Brazilian Jujitsu, rugby and swimming.


The last thing that the now 31 year old had expected was to be diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2018. Chemotherapy treatments rendered Llewellyn in constant pain and barely able to move (let alone partake in any sport) – taking on board the terrible fact that he would never do be able to take part in sport again was equally painful. Nevertheless, undaunted by his situation, the young corporal was not prepared to give up: “After chemo I decided to do as much as possible and joined Invictus, after the first training camp, I felt like a part of a team again. Doing well and competing with other athletes has helped me feel motivated and love all the sports I've done before. The mental and physical benefits have helped me and my family so much this year and will for years to come”.


“My two biggest goals for next year are to complete in the Invictus Games the Hague 2020 and to be a part of the Army athletics team, competing in Javelin. After everything l have been through, I want to do everything I possibly can, including all the sports that I excelled in when I was younger, life is too short to not try everything and have regrets later”.


Llewellyn Myburgh Invictus 2020