Respite break for Veterans and their Families

Monday 9 June 2014

NGVFA logoGrant funding to the National Gulf Veterans Families Association (NGVFA) has enabled four families to attend the charity’s well-loved annual Respite Break. All food, travel and accommodation costs were provided which means members could concentrate on respite and relaxation.

This year’s five day break was held at Butlins in Skegness, Lincolnshire and the central location meant the event was attended by 240 people from all round the UK, including Veterans and their families, single Veterans, Veteran’s widows and their families.

During the week, members had access to various talks with guest speakers including information on PTSD; Treatments and Medications; the NHS and Useful Advice-Do`s & Don`ts. The charity also provided an all-day Drop in Centre providing welfare advice.

Additionally, Partner Time was facilitated by NGVFA including Counselling sessions and a wonderful opportunity for mutual support was created amongst members’ children with Kids Arts and Crafts and a Family Cinema.
Dave Mc Gough And His Family
Dave McGough’s wife wrote to us to explain what the break means to them; “We find the time at the respite invaluable as a family. It removes us away from the everyday stresses and strains that we endure as a family unit, as a result of Dave’s illnesses.

It brings us together and allows us catch up with friends in an environment that Dave finds secure. Being surrounded by friends and people with similar issues has meant he has established trust with people outside our family. During the respite week I know that he feels less isolated”.

Without your support families like the McGough’s may not have been able to attend this much needed break. The funding of £600 per family may not seem a huge amount, but when asked how they would have been affected if they had not been able to attend members said they would have experienced “increased isolation”, “an adverse effect on health and mental wellbeing” and a “reduced ability to cope”.

Your fundraising is making a huge difference to our Heroes and their families. Thank you for doing your bit!


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