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King of the Mountains Cycles


Capped at a maximum of 15 participants, these cycling challenges demand a high level of experience and self-sufficiency and are designed for keen cyclists ready to take on the high cols. Participants on these trips must have previous multi-day cycle trip experience and be able to:

  • Cycle at least 160 km per day at an average pace of 20 km per hour, over an undulating route. The crew on this cycle will position themselves at the mid-point of the group (following the average pace) and as much as they will endeavour to support you, they cannot be in two places at once, so it’s important that you can keep up and hold your own on the cycle.

  • Be self-sufficient on this ride - you'll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of support you will still receive

  • Confidently and efficiently fix a puncture by replacing the inner tube 

  • Confidently navigate whilst riding using a Garmin or mobile phone app

  • Have ridden a Category 1 or HC (Hors catégorie) climb before and have the right gear set up for this - note, this may mean having a climbing cassette fitted to your bike

  • Carry adequate clothing to cope with mountainous weather - jacket, arm and leg warmers, gloves and under-hat

  • Confidently descend using drop handlebars or have their bike set up with secondary brakes




Fundraising – pay your registration fee and fundraise the full remaining target.

Part-payment - pay your registration fee, plus a contribution to the cost of your place and fundraise the remaining target.
We will retain 50% of the target plus any additional fundraising you achieve.

Full payment - pay your registration fee, self-fund the entire cost of your trip and fundraise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my fundraising go?

The fundraising we receive beyond this cost covering your target will allow Help for Heroes to continue providing lifelong support to our wounded Servicemen and women. Ideally, we would like you to hit your final fundraising target within two weeks of the challenge finishing.

Who organises the trips?

These are Open Challenges, meaning anyone can take part, organised and run by our partner Discover Adventure and is a fantastic opportunity to meet different people. All communications, regarding trip registration and logistics are directly with Discover Adventure, whilst Help for Heroes will support you every step of the way with your fundraising.

How are these trips different from normal cycling challenges?

Lower numbers:
 these challenges can run with a minimum of 6 people

Route via GPX files: instead of route-marking with our famous orange arrows, we supply a GPX file for mobile navigation. An app will also show the route with useful information such as your position and key climbs. 

Lunch: you will be free to stop for lunch when it suits you, and a roaming vehicle will provide additional water and snacks en-route. 

Cycling ability: Because of the level of challenge and difference in support, cyclists booking onto a King of the Mountains Cycle must be able to demonstrate a level of experience and self-sufficiency not required on our regular cycle challenges.

The required level of independence does not suit everyone; rest assured that all other Euro Cycles provide the same full level of support that we have been offering for many years.

Fundraising Information

The Help for Heroes Events Team will work closely with you throughout your fundraising journey and share helpful tips and advice every step of the way. You will receive a comprehensive fundraising guide to help you get started, along with monthly fundraising ideas straight to your inbox!

Although sponsorship from your friends and family is amazing, getting creative and coming up with other ways to fundraise will provide a massive boost to your fundraising. You can do this by planning events throughout the months leading up to your challenge and for three months after the end of it – plenty of time to reach that magic target. Your fundraising journey is all part of the experience, so relish it!

It’s easier if you break your fundraising down into smaller monthly chunks and plan an event or activity for each month to hit that amount.

  • 80% of your target is due 12 Weeks prior to your departure. Take this amount and divide it by the number of months you have until that date. You now have your monthly target.

  • Plan how you can make that monthly target. For some great fundraising ideas contact the Help for Heroes Events Team.

  • The rest of you target isn’t due until two weeks after your return.

Support and Contact

The team is on hand to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Whether you’re after ride specifics, training tips or fundraising advice, we’d love to hear from you.

 01725 514106