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The Sports Series aims to provide a training and competition series across a range of sports. Competitors can choose to attend training camps and/or competitions in their chosen sport, without any requirement to do the other.

Training camps are optional, leaving eligibility for Help for Heroes support as the only mandatory criteria for participating in the competitions. Coaches will cater for all abilities at training camps and competitors can sign up for as many training camps or competitions as they would like to.

This event series is a pilot, which will be reviewed throughout the year. The aim is to commit to a full calendar of sports, but if interest is low, we may need to postpone or cancel competitions.

Help for Heroes support is available by region; North, South, East, West and Wales. Competitors enter the Sports Recovery Competition Series as individuals but will be allocated into regional teams based on their location. Competitors earn points for their regions based on their results in the competition and at the end of the year, the winning region will be announced.

A Points Table will be published on the website, updated after each competition in the Series. At the end of the year, the winning region will be announced.

Categorisation Policy

Adaptive sports competitions are usually categorised (Invictus Games) or classified (Warrior Games) in the interest of fairness. Categories try to ensure that a level playing field is established, regardless of the competitors’ illnesses, injuries and or impairments. This process would involve all competitors submitting medical information that would be assessed by a medical practitioner.

As a pilot series, competitors will be asked to enter themselves into their categories on an honesty basis. Anyone who has previously competed in the Warrior Games or Invictus UK Trials in 2019 will have been assigned a category, which we can use for this process as well.  Where doubt exists, Sports Recovery staff will advise.

Provision at Training Camps

We commit to offering you:

  • Accommodation the night before training or competition if it starts before 11am, for those who live more than 2 hours from the venue.

  • Breakfast with any hotel booking

  • Professional coaching support aiming to prepare you for competition day

We ask the following of you:

  • Arrange your travel to training (please contact if you need financial assistance)

  • Pay for parking at the hotel / venue if required

  • Let us know 48 hours before an event if you can no longer attend (contact us via

  • Let us know ASAP, in the 48 hours leading up to the event, or on the day itself, if you are no longer able to attend (e.g. for medical / health reasons, travel problems etc)

General Information

Sports Series Calendar


A full overview of training and competition dates throughout the year.

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Sports Series Volunteering


Find out more about how you can give back or offer your support.

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Sports Series Points Table

Points Table

Keep up to date with the regional totals after each completion.

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Sports Series Points System

Points System

Explanation of points awarded by sport and region.

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Sports on offer

Explore the sports on offer by clicking on the buttons below. To register for training camps or competitions, follow the instructions in each document.

Sports Series Archery


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Sports Series Athletics


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Sports Series Cycling


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Sports Series Indoor Rowing

Indoor Rowing

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Sports Series Powerlifting


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Sports Series Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball

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Sports Series Swimming


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Sports Series Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

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Sports Series Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby

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