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IT Refresher

What is it?

A 3-day development course covering the use of 5 Microsoft packages.

The IT refresher event is an informative and highly practical course covering the basics of a number of Microsoft packages:

Word - create professional documents;

Excel - calculations and more;

PowerPoint - create presentations;

Access - experience database use;

Publisher - create your personal business ads;

Each module starts with a detailed tour of the functionality of the package, followed by directed practice where you are able to put your new knowledge into use. This session is great for those looking to learn Microsoft Office for the first time or wishing to refresh their existing skills. 

Who is it for?

All beneficiaries: wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans and their families.

Why is it offered?

IT now plays a key part in modern life both personally and in business. This course will give you an initial understanding of these Microsoft packages and will give you confidence in the work place or when looking for new roles.