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Sleep for wellbeing

Did you know that 41% of veterans struggle to sleep?

Sleep is essential for good health and wellbeing. On average, a person needs 8 hours sleep a night in order to function well during the day, but 1 in 4 veterans don’t get more than five hours’ sleep a night.


If you don’t sleep properly, the following can happen:


  • Memory problems

  • Dizziness and headaches

  • Short temper

  • Weight gain


Simple things like looking at what you eat or taking part in an activity such as yoga can help you sleep so much better.



9 Ways to Get Better Sleep

Boost your mental health and wellbeing by getting a proper night's sleep - to help you out we've put together a blog post full of useful hints and tips.

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Using yoga to get better sleep

Traditional beliefs suggest that yoga has some surprising benefits. As well as helping digestion, strengthening the body and releasing tension, it could even help you sleep better!


Downloadable Sleep Hygiene Leaflet

From bodily symptoms of lack of sleep, to ways of getting a better night's sleep, this leaflet is yours to download, print off, and keep by your bedside.

Download the leaflet here.

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